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    • Arts, Entertainment, and Sports
      AI has enabled the advancement of augmented reality (AR) virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) in how we experience the Arts and sports. Technology has made it possible to experience what elite athletes do and achieve through sensors - virtually. From skiing to hockey, to snowboarding and paragliding. Share your ideas and experiences!
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    • Food
      Food feeds the soul.  This is the time now to share your craving for the food you miss the most.  Yes favourite places to dine, drink and just hang out for coffee. During this time do you do pickup or delivery? Share!
      • Best Coffee
      • Best Lounge
      • Favourite Comfort Food
      • Favourite Ethnic Food
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    • 3 years ago

      FutureCite Editor

    • Adventures and Travel
      Adventures into the wild yonder hankering at you? Yes COVID and travel are not the best combination for carefree travel.  After months of being hunkered down in one place people get restless, and are thinking and planning for their next getaway!
      • Will that be to the desert, the ocean or just your tranquil cabin in the woods?
      • Or maybe rock climbing or hiking in getting back to nature.
      • Yes we want your travel trivia on up and coming plans!
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      FutureCite Editor

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