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Conference Series

October 17 2020



The Future of Work Transformed by Covid-19 and Artificial Intelligence!

Stephen Harrington

Human Capital

Why where you live might not impact Future Career Opportunities

Ryan Janzen


Arrival of the
“Jetson Family Citizenry”
Workplace and Community

Simon O'Byrne

Community Development

Stephen Harrington

Human Capital

Stephen is Deloitte’s National Lead – Workforce Strategy, and has been a writer and speaker on the future of work and the workplace of the future since 2011.

With 18 years’ experience in Consulting, Stephen leads transformations in talent strategy that enable Deloitte clients to feel personal purpose and impact, as the business drives improved results.

Stephen is co-author of the Intelligence Revolution a recent paper on the 4th industrial revolution and implications for Canada, in partnership with the HR Professionals Association of Ontario.

Ryan Janzen


Ryan Janzen is an entrepreneur, scientist, and global innovator. As co-founder and CTO of TransPod, he leads the international project designing the 1000-km/h TransPod vehicle, which is now being supported by the Alberta government.

Janzen's experience in global R&D and in Silicon Valley has led to advances in avionics, optics, mathematics, vehicle propulsion, and physics. At TransPod he directs research and industrial programs across Canada, France, Italy, Switzerland, and USA, at company divisions, universities, and industries, and works to create the future of transportation and technology.

Featured on the Discovery Channel, Wired magazine, and Through the Wormhole, Ryan Janzen's innovations have been featured in 110+ scientific publications, international lectures, and media interviews.

Simon O'Byrne


Simon O’Byrne is both an award-winning urban designer/planner and Senior Vice President of Stantec’s global Community Development business. As a city building expert, he has been frequently quoted in European and North America media and done many keynote talks on both continents.

Simon has led multi-disciplinary design teams in the planning and successful delivery of large, complex, and politically charged projects in Canada, the US and the UK.

Simon is very active in the community and has chaired many different initiatives and organizations, such as the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Vibrancy Task Force, Habitat for Humanity National Leadership Council, Winter Cities and the Centre to End All Sexual Exploitation.

MacEwan University recognized Simon, when they made him the 2015 Allard Chair in Business. He has also been named as one of Edmonton’s Power 30 by the Edmonton Journal, one of the fifty most influential Albertans by Alberta Venture and was in Avenue magazine’s first Top 40 Under 40 list.

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Opening Keynote
Workforce Trends Shaping the Future of Work

  • Speaker
    Stephen Harrington, Director Human Capital, Deloitte Canada shares insights on the Future of Work Transformed by COVID 19 and Artificial Intelligence!

Panel Session 1
How has COVID changed the trajectory of the Future of work?

  • Moderator
    Elan MacDonald, SVP Global Public Affairs
  • Panelists
    Sam Pillar, CEO Jobber
    Asifa Samji, SVP and Acting CHRO, Stantec
    Dr. Edy Wong, Associate Dean U of A

Panel Session 2
So Will your Dream Job still exist in 2025? New Dream Jobs of 2030?

  • Moderator
    Eric MacDonald, Prairie Manager (Higher Education), Deloitte Canada
  • Panelists
    Tim Chandos, President, Chandos Construction
    Aaryn Flynn, GM, Improbable

Panel Session 3
Building Meaningful Value in a Virtual of "Remote of Everything" World!

  • Moderator
    Asifa Samji, SVP, Acting CHRO, Stantec
  • Panelists
    Heidi Brandley, Director of Workforce Development, Manpower
    Alyson Hodson, CEO, Zag Creatives
    Jill Sundquist, Student, University of Alberta

Feature Keynote
Why Where You Live May Not Impact Future Career Opportunities!

  • Speaker
    Ryan Janzen, CTO of Transpod shares insights on its Next Generation Hyperloop, and how it will change the future of where and how you will live, work and play!

Panel Session 4
So What will it take to Move Forward in the New Normal Economy?

  • Moderator
    Stacy Brotzel, Celebrity broadcast host and community builder
  • Panelists
    Nancy MacDonald, VP Urban Places and Smart Cities
    Dr. Robin Cooper, Associate Professor, MacEwan University
    Eric MacIntosh, Prairie Manager, Higher Education, Deloitte Canada

Panel Session 5
How to Thrive Financially in the New Normal Economy!

  • Moderator
    Rick Valdemara, Associate Partner, Leader Public Sector Practice, Alberta
  • Panelists
    Colleen Matvichuk, Manager, Financial Planning RBC
    Garrett Turtta GM Fairmont Hotel MacDonald
    Frank Saccucci, Associate Professor, MacEwan University

Closing Keynote
Arrival of the "Jetson Family" Citizenry on what your communities will look like in the future!

  • Speaker
    Simon O'Byrne, Senior Vice President, Business Leader of Community Development at Stantec

Partners in Kind

Participating Organizations



GENXYZ THRIVES was made possible with a Grant from the Canada / Alberta Partnership, Founding Partner FutureCite Inc, and partners-in kind: Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, MacEwan University and NAIT.

A thank you to Participating Partners in-kind: Deloitte Canada, TransPod, Stantec, E&Y Canada, RBC Canada, Jobber, University of Alberta, MacEwan University, Edmonton Global, Global Public Affairs, Chandos Construction, Improbable, Manpower, Fairmont Hotel MacDonald, Stacy Brotzel, and Zag Creatives.

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