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New Industry Era: Trends Future Jobs & Skills

November 14, 2023 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm MST

What was your first image of workers in the construction and energy industry? Was it of hard hats, steel toed boots, goggles and dusty construction sites?
Yes the safety gear is still there!  Moving forward, stay tuned for new worker activities and roles in this industry sector!  Join to discover the opportunities ahead!
Year 2023 and looking forward now to the future.

With technology, ESG, DEI and  global information overload, the types of activities and type of job roles are evolving.  Collaborative teams and projects, hybrid work and new skills training to stay competitive in global markets has entered the scene.

Join us for an exciting FREE online event on Tue Nov 14 2023 at 12:00:00 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time).

Discover the latest trends, jobs, and skills that will shape the future of industries. This event is a unique opportunity to gain insights from industry experts and thought leaders.  

Meet our panelists – Jen, Sarah and Kathleen who are in the construction, and new energy sectors!  Then join them in breakout rooms on zoom to ask them about what’s involved in the roles as employers, professionals and educators.  

Learn about the emerging technologies, disruptive innovations, and new business models that are transforming industries. Explore the potential career opportunities and the skills required to thrive in this new era.
Whether you’re an employer looking for prequalified talent, a professional looking to stay ahead in your field or a student curious about the future job market, this event is for you. Connect with like-minded individuals, network with industry professionals, and expand your knowledge.
Don’t miss out on this engaging online event. Register now and be part of the NEW INDUSTRY ERA – FUTURE TRENDS, JOBS, SKILLS!



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