Imagine 20,000 People Exploring their Future!

Trade Up Your Skills - Are You Game?

Imagine 20,000 people exploring possibilities for future Careers, Candidates and Courses in one place at the same time!

FutureCite discovered the magic and energy of possibilities at the Skills Canada Alberta Competition Event in May 2024.  If you think that building the workforce of the future is just about HR recruitment only between companies and candidates– it’s time for a rethink!

At the May 8-9th 2024 event the Canada Skills competition included companies, course creators, Alberta Secondary School Students, their teachers and their parents – all in one place over 2 days for a skills competition vying for the finals in Ottawa!
And they were also all there for find out about skills needed for the future:
  • Candidates looking for career, course and company fit.
  • Course Creators looking to align learner fit
  • Companies looking for candidate fit for new skill type demands
Did you know that the methods and processes currently used as go-to-tools were first created from the 1950s era of post war industrialization?

Back then esteemed go-to career options focused on professional careers – lawyer, doctor, dentist, pharmacist, engineer, accountant, or teacher.  And course an Ivey League business degree helped to advance to snap up a CEO role in a large enterprise corporation.  Back then these were the envied “white collar” careers.  Back then, Candidates were hired based on their resumes (CVs) for potentially a life time career.

Back then, they had the luxury of learning on the job. Not anymore!
So today, are there other career options now for candidates to consider?
Well yes! The past old “blue collar” label has changed and will continue to shift with accelerated technology automation – creating new pathways more attractive to the next generation of future workers.

The new era of “trades” goes beyond past flashes of hammers and nails and construction dust! Let’s move past this!

Let’s talk about what careers in the trades today includes:
  • Construction and Design
  • Healthcare
  • Media & IT
  • Robotics
  • Military
  • Automotive
  • Culinary
  • Fashion & Beauty
Surprised at the range and diversity of the career pathways?  Many people are.

And did you know that 40% of construction workers and 30% of healthcare workers will be retiring at the end of this decade?  That’s barely 5 years away!  Yes, this is a large unmet labour shortfall.  AI will be embedded into the tools and processes for efficiency.  Humans will still be needed for activities that machines cannot yet do effectively.

So what’s in store for the next generation of talent?

Youth, skilled newcomers and career navigators are the hope to bridge the labour shortage gap in the near future.  And they will be the ones to bridge the skills gap rising with the acceleration of tech adoption.  New creativity will rise in working side by side with automated tools.

Industry may stand still at its own peril, but AI doesn’t care.  It will simply keep racing forward and advance the careers of those who are willing to take the leap into a different future pathway.

At FutureCite candidates can personalize their profiles (no CVs needed) by answering questions to find best fit Careers, Courses and Companies – all in one AI-powered platform.

Rosty, our postsecondary intern at our booth with two secondary students who are wondering about possible futures and how our tool can help them to find the best fit pathway for them.

Two Alberta students from secondary school had great questions and provided feedback and answers on how else our solution can help them, their parents, teachers and their peers.  Bright futures ahead for these two!

Highlights from the 2 days!
Image: Futurecite


Robotics skills at work in testing efficiency (tasks attained successfully and timing).  So how much of the skill do you think is the operator, vs the robot, or its creator?





Image: FutureCite


Will the wood joint hold?  A challenge of the apprentice’s techniques (joinery, design et al) and the tools (clamps, levelers, glue et al).






Image: FutureCite


A Postsecondary Dean lights up a competing postsecondary schools’ electrical wiring challenge.  He wanted to to test his past electrician skills – and passed!






Image: FutureCite


Will that insulation provide the right R factor? Are the seams sealed properly? It takes skill to ensure that the product performs and lasts until the next maintenance.






Image: FutureCite


Want to do something newsworthy?  Digital skills are needed in all types of social and web media!






Image: FutureCite


Is it an astronaut, a deep sea diver? Can you guess what this apparel and gear is used for? The people using this gear are well trained before, during and at the job!






Image: FutureCite


Yes that is a miniature working Harley motorcycle. And you can learn how to maintain these bikes as a trade!






Image: Skill City


No matter what the economy says, first impressions are still key.  This is where the creatives still rule.



Image: Futurecite
Image: FutureCite










They say you can’t “have your cake and eat it too”!  Well at the culinary counter students were invited to have both! Each visiting student received a brownie and icing to create their own design, then eat it!

How sweet can life be?
For the New Era of Trades – from the students we spoke with – it can be a sweet gig!
So Candidates signup to see what possibilities open doors and opportunities for you!  Join as a Free Jobseeker – for life!

Like a savings account that compounds (more $ valuable), your profile gets better every time you update it with new skills, volunteer gigs, hobbies and everything that it you!

Companies and Course Creators – Join us.
Connect with us at to partner on building the future workforce for tomorrow!
Stay tuned for our next FutureCite Connector Series – when we bring together Fireside Chats with key Companies, Course Creators and Candidates! 


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