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“Imagine your Future and Shape your World”

Who are FutureCiters?

FutureCite.com was developed as a way for FutureCite® Members (FutureCiters)
People like You who seek new Knowledge and Tools to
Navigate the Digital Transformation and its Future Impact on

Living, Learning and Lifestyle;
Learning and Sharing Ideas;
Accelerating Discovery of Ideas and Projects; and
Connecting to Dialogue and Collaborate Globally
on Trending Issues and Opportunities.   

About FutureCite.Com

 FutureCite.com is a one-stop digital hub of
  3 interconnected digital platforms –
Focus, Flash and Connect.


For You to share informative and invocative knowledge on ideas and innovations through online
posting of written, video and photo content.


For You to accelerate discovery and adoption of  ideas, innovations and projects through online
posting of video content.


Your forum to engage in dialogue, to collaborate on ideas, innovations or projects, and to connect via private messaging and participate at in-person meet-ups or events.

Benefits to FutureCiters

Navigating Future Pathways

 FutureCiters include all of Society – Citizens, Communities and Companies who are interested in future trends, opportunities, careers / occupations, and the new knowledge and tools to navigate the impact of the Digital Transformation.  The Digital Transformation will continue to create new opportunities for Human Creativity and Innovation, alongside Science and Technology and AI –  to generate new social and economic value for Society, regionally, nationally or globally.

  1. For Citizens – global access to digital and traditional channels
    • to share and act on transformational knowledge;
    • to contribute compelling content and dynamic experiences;
    • to discover and accelerate entrepreneurial ideas and projects, and
    • to learn, train and up skill for future careers and occupations;
  2. For Communities – global access for communities and organizations
    • to align and integrate human creativity with technology
    • to enable both social and economic innovation; and
    • to create sustainable, diverse future communities.
  3. For Learning Institution – global access in future focused learning (online, in-class, continuing education courses);
    • to enable human innovation and creativity alongside technology in building human talent
    • to enable people to design and navigate their learning pathways to future occupation opportunities;
    • to enable people to shift careers/ occupations; or to enable people to upskill / train to adapt to a rapidly changing future workforce.
  4. For Companies –  global access to grow future markets in new industry sectors arising from the Digital Transformation
    • to identify, discover, target and test new products and services;
    • to grow, recruit and train human talent for the future workforce; and
    • to access new consumer centric market segments to generate new revenues.

Submitting  Content and Engaging in Dialogue

As a FutureCiter you can  engage curiosity and increase public awareness on your ideas, innovations and projects by posting your content as an author on FutureCite.com – an interconnected digital hub consisting of 3 key platforms of Focus, Flash, and Connect. See the Tutorial on “Submit Content” (for posting content to Focus or Flash), and the Tutorial on “Connect” to engage in dialogue.

    • Focus – Post written and visual informative and invocative content to inspire people to imagine how the future may impact how we live, learn and play and how human creativity and innovation may enable society to navigate the digital transformation (AI, Science &Technology).You will also find Question of the Week on this page.
    • Flash – Pitch video content to showcase ( like a den with no dragons) on ideas or technologies (existing and hypothetical) that may change how we live, learn and play, even in a small way – from students to inventors to entrepreneurs and executives.
    • Connect Engage, collaborate and dialogue in the Forum on posted topics or your own topics to generate interest and responses, chat through private online messaging, and network at in-person events.  You will also find Question of the Week on this page.

Content Categories

Your content can be posted in any of the three categories of Living, Learning or Lifestyle. Your author name allows other FutureCiters to search and find all your postings (Focus, Flash, Connect).  Just select the category for your content topic from any of the 3 Categories.  Under each of the 3 Categories there are also 3 Subcategories for you to choose to personalize your content post and add your tags to post.


Imagine what and how future technology and human creativity and innovation can impact your life from Home to Work, in your Health and Wellness and to Mobility & Transport & Logistics.

  • Home and at Work – How you see IOT and AI impact your activities, buildings, smart homes, community design
  • Health and Wellness – How and where you see technology (Bots and APs) may enable you to improve  and have more personal control of your health
  •  Mobility, Transport &  Logistics  – How you see technology such as autonomous vehicles and transport of people and goods will impact your mode of getting from point A to B.  All forms of energy will be needed from now into the future.


Imagine what and how Digital Transformation (AI, Science & Technology) and your human creativity can impact how you learn new skills and train for new occupations.

  • Transition from current career paths to the future industry occupations  – What do you see as your next dream occupation?
  • Discover and learn the new skills and new training to build future occupation mobility – What skills and training would you like to see to help you secure your dream job?
  • Map your courses you think you will need to be competitive in the future workforce – What courses would you like to see available to build your learning pathways?


Imagine what and how you would like to spend your leisure time in the future.

  • Arts & Entertainment – Your interests in arts & culture & fashion, to sports and entertainment  – Do  you prefer to keep to traditional ways, or do you see maybe adding technology (AR Augmented reality or VR Virtual Reality or XR Mixed reality) to your lifestyle,  or a mixture of both?
  • Food – Your interests in the topic of food (from growing rural or urban produce) to retail markets, to culinary topics at home to dining out and beverages  – What foods will you want to consume in the future and from where?
  • Adventures – Your interests new experiences on your wish list  (Mars), staycations with tech (AR Augmented reality or VR Virtual Reality or XR Mixed reality)  to extreme vacations or just alone in nature –  What types of adventures would like to experience in the future?