• By aligning your potential and capabilities to opportunities in a new economic world – post COVID 19,
  • By connecting you to careers, communities and companies, and by
  • By informing you through stories of people, communities and companies navigating challenges and opportunities, and through insights from our Speaker Series and events – learning from influencers on the future of Living, Learning and Lifestyles.

So who are we? We are a passionate team of entrepreneurs, educators, tech geeks and writers based in Alberta, Canada. Our goal is to create ways for you to “Imagine your Future to Shape your World” – to identify pathways that you can personalize, self navigate and connect with the world, through our one-stop virtual marketplace.

Why did we create FUTURECITE? It all started in 2017with conversations with people like you about what the future will bring in future learning, careers and skills – from chats in classrooms, to coffee shops, to online and in conversations with employees, employers and educators and communities. We launched our FutureCite.com Story beta at end of 2018 to capture their stories and conversations in video and article formats.

Fast forward to 2020, COVID accelerated the impact of artificial intelligence, remote learning and remote work – and changed how people communicate and connect globally within a few short months!

To EMPOWER PEOPLE during these times of high economic uncertainty launch and employment, we bring you FUTURECITE® ForwardXYZ – a platform to match your potential and capabilities to future CAREERS, COURSES & COMPANIES, virtually, as a one-stop marketplace!

As well, we bring you CollabCite to enable you to connect with peers, mentors and colleagues on ideas, career navigation and opportunities on FutureCite.com.

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