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Acceleration and adoption of AI brings change.  Many candidates seek to enter or re-enter the workforce to advance into purposeful employment opportunities.
It’s not easy with so much information to filter – for everyone!  What if this challenge can be simplified?

Through our AI-powered matching platform

  • Companies find prequalified skilled candidates to enable them to grow in the new economic era
        • at pre-recruitment
  • Course creators can align their curriculum and credentials to meet a company’s new job role skill demands in real-time for candidates before they decide on a education pathway
        • at pre-enrolment
  • Candidates have a better understanding of the upskilling and reskilling courses and certifications needed to attain and advance in their career
        • at pre-enrolment and
        • at pre-recruitment
Our vision, mission and values started from the ground up.

From students to newcomers, to professionals who seek to apply their transferable skills into other occupations.  And to companies and course creators looking to improve their recruitment and retain new hires.

  • Our goal in quality education is all about enabling students, newcomers and career navigators, a simpler way to identify candidate fit to the right courses to advance to the right career, and the right company – early before employment and before enrollment into the courses.
  • Our second goal is to find candidate fit with company values to improve the attraction and retention, and to enable candidates, companies and course creators to thrive in the new AI enabled economic era.
FutureCite brings together communities of candidates with companies, and course creators for fireside chats with students, newcomers and the underemployed demographic to receive advice and mentorship.

Check out the  link to past recordings of the co-hosted events and speaker series!

Chat with us!  We’d love to explore partnerships in Building a Better Tomorrow by Bridging Skill Gaps Today!
If you’re at Collision….
  • at Booth A407 June 18  from 8:00 AM to 4:00PM
  • check out our presentation pm Showcase Startup Stage June 20 (between 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM)  in Redefining Education
Or connect with us before or after Collision
  • @futurecite at linkedin, twitter, instagram
  • email us at
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