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Design & Construction Trends, Jobs & Skills – Are you Ready? Episode 2 Energy

In this Episode 2, we cover Jobs in Energy! So what are the career opportunities in the next five years with the trends in ESG and technology adoption and automation?

Energy industries are relocating into Alberta. The number of projects including hydrogen that will be occurring is immense.  Now add to that other renewable fuels, like solar and bio-diesel, and decarbonization for both domestic use and for global exports.

In our FutureCite  New Industry Era Episode 1: Jen Hancock , Vice Chair of Alberta Construction Association spoke about upskilling and new job role activities and value on transferable skills.


Following in our Episode 2 videos below, Sarah Styles, Manager Business Development Alberta Industrial Heartland Association  (AHIA) shares her insights on the greening of energy, and climatization of facilities.

To date AHIA has secured  $4.5B in investments, and plans to attract and an additional $30B in investment. That’s a lot of construction work for facilities, infrastructure, operations, and maintenance.  In short 14,000 jobs will be created for people to be hired!  Yes!

So, if you’re an employer, or an educator, there will be a need to ramp up workforce training and upskilling for both new entry candidates and current staff.

First, let’s find out from Sarah Styles who travels extensively in her role marketing globally, what’s happening on the ground now in the energy sector, and what’s next in what could be a boom in jobs!

Episode 2 below has three parts to Sarah’s response to panel questions.

Part 1: Existing and Upcoming projects at Alberta Industrial Heartland

  • Sarah talks about the current state of investment $4B and what’s to follow!


Part 2: New Renewable Energy Projects

  • Renewable energy will be playing a bigger role! Find out what’s in the cards!


Part 3: How Sarah Transitioned from a Technical Role to Manager in Business Development

  • Her story from Nova Chemicals, to CN Rail in Marketing in the Commercial Sector, and now Manager, Business Development at Alberta Industrial Heartland.  Find out how!
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About Sarah Styles

Sarah Styles is a Business Development officer at Alberta Industrial Heartland Association, helping shape and implement AIHA’s ongoing analysis of regional /provincial/national infrastructure and AIHA’s investment attraction activities. Prior to joining AIHA, Sarah had worked in various industries including petrochemical, energy and railway sectors. Sarah obtained her Master of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Alberta.

Stay tuned for Episode 3: Kathleen Courterier, Lakeland College on Upskilling to advance opportunities! 

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