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    • Career Development through ForwardXYZ
      The place to talk about everything ForwardXYZ!
      • It's where you can find matches for your interests and capabilities to future career opportunities!
      • Jobseekers, share what your job opportunities you hope will emerge as your dream job!
      • Employers, share the top challenges and opportunities that will affect your industry sector and company!
      • Educators, share how remote learning and courses will be changing to make reskilling easier for employers and career navigators
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    • Mentors
      Looking to give back to community through coaching or mentoring NEXTGEN on our Forum? You may be someone who would like to share your knowledge, know-how and experience from industry or organizations. You will be able to connect with Protégés or Mentees seeking Mentorship to provide advice to help them enter or reposition careers paths in the New Normal Economy.
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    • 8 months, 1 week ago


    • Protégés
      Looking for ways to move forward? Connect with experienced people in your field of interest on our Mentors Forum! A Mentor connection can help you navigate and explore your career opportunities as a strategic way to help you to get a good start - to enter or reposition your learning or career path in the New Normal Economy!
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    • 12 months ago

      FutureCite Editor

    • Living
      Remote Work Woes or Wins?
      • What's changed and what's affecting your life in remote working  from home and / or intermittently from your office hubs?
      • Are you moving to the suburbs, or countryside or are you happy being in the centre of downtown?
      Health & Mental Wellness?
      • How has COVID changed the way that you think about your health and wellness?
      • Some of you have kids at home, and maybe a pet or two.
      Travel Turbulence or Trivia?
      • How are you getting around your community or city during COVID?
      • We know that even though travel abroad has curtailed you may have plans to other types of getaways - share them.
      • Yes the world in politics is affecting how you export your services and goods to other country jurisdictions!  Tell us about your challenges or wins!
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    • 7
    • 11 months, 4 weeks ago

      FutureCite Editor

    • Learning
      Remote learning is loved by some and not so much by others.  There are tools to make remote learning easier for both learners and educators!
      • So what is working and what is not?
      • What  skills are top of mind?  Surprise it's not just skills in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), its also the softer side learning (Arts) that grow with you as you gain life experience
      • What courses should you take to give the right skills for your dream job and occupation?  ForwardXYZ on this site can help you self navigate the possibilities
      • Then discuss your potential career possibilities with a mentor on this site or one of your choosing.
      • Ask you Mentor Anything - just post your self as a protege on the forum.
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    • 3 years, 3 months ago

      FutureCite Editor

    • Lifestyle
      Our lifestyles have shifted because of COVID - but will this change your outlook on how you wish or will spend your leisure time and entertainment dollars?
      •  Your passionate love of the Arts may not have changed, but your access to museums,  galleries and workshops may have.  Some museums have already shifted to Virtual Reality on site for a more dimensional experience and soon that may extend remotely and maybe online in the future.  Share your thoughts and ideas here!
      • Entertainment  and conference centres hope to thrive post COVID with new ideas on how to transform to give consumers and patrons new entertainment experiences in their arenas, theatres and community sports centres!  Many of these venues hosted awesome concerts, games and other venues!  What's happening in your community?  Will virtual experiences levering technology play a role here?  Or do you wish for no technology augmentation in your entertainment?
      •  Food feeds the soul.  This is the time now to share your craving for the food you miss the most.  Yes favourite places to dine, drink and just hang out for coffee. Share!
      • Adventures into the wild yonder hankering at you?  Will that be to the desert, the ocean or just your tranquil cabin in the woods?  Or maybe rock climbing or hiking in getting back to nature.  Yes we want your travel trivia!
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    • 2 years, 5 months ago


    • Events
      Discuss events and meet-ups in your area. Share stories from past events or suggest a future event to be listed on our calendar.
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