FutureCite Connector Series: New Era Industry

Design & Construction Trends, Jobs & Skills – Are you Ready? Episode 1

Technology innovation is changing how industry will evolve in future Design, Construction, and Energy careers. People who are in the trades and thinking of going into the Trades are very much still at the center of all activities.

In parallel the adoption of AI enabled tools and platforms by industry is also evolving in preparation for new ways of working with humans and technology.

The advancement of IT infrastructure like computer chips (NVIDIA), the public access to AI LLM models (like Open AI ChatGPT) has enabled industry sectors like Design & Construction to consider larger adoption of tools for humans like 3-D models beyond Autocad to do tasks like estimation, and construction design in real-time between Architects, Engineers, Contractors and the end client (Real Estate Developers / Owners).

If you’re in the Trades industry now, you probably are wondering if you need to upskill.  If you’re thinking of entering the Trades as an entry role, or even changing your career with opportunities to advance or transition occupations.  Yes there are labour shortages in the trades across Canada & N. America.

Jen Hancock, VP Collaborative Construction at Chandos Construction , brings it all together for those interested in the Trades or working in our FutureCite Connector session on New Era Industry – Future Trends, Jobs & Skills Episode 1.

At Chandos, Jen focuses on team and project collaboration – internal and external to address the pressure of all these changes in the building and construction industry, as well as growing opportunities from tech to ESG to DEI and access to upskilling and training.

She herself has transitioned from Education into the Construction Sector – a trend that creates new opportunities and new value for transferable skills in communications, marketing, project management and other skills previously not considered as core in this industry sector.
Jen shares her perspectives and advice in Episode 1 below.


Keep a watchout for
  • Episode 2: Sarah Styles, Manager Business Development, Alberta Industrial Heartland and
  • Episode 3: Kathleen Couturier, Coordinator, Sustainable Energy Technology, Lakeland College.  (Note Lakeland has Hydrogen,  Solar & Geothermal Micro Credential Courses posted in FutureCite’s Career & Courses Platform.  See Free Jobseeker Signup !

About Jen Hancock
Jen brings over 11 years in construction & 7 years in teaching. In community, she serves as Chair of Edmonton Construction Association (ECA), and Vice Chair of AB Construction Association. As VP Collaborative Construction at Chandos, Jen has oversight of sustainability initiatives & role of project team innovation coach.

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