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Living the Life of a Hybrid Work Warrior!

Is it Thumbs Up or Down for Working from Home?

By now many of you are hybrid work warriors!  There has been a lot of thought by employers on how they can grow and move forward with technology as the link.  Just a year ago, employers were wondering how create a third place for remote workers.  A short 2 years later, they all discover that the 3rd place is actually migrated to home offices, with pet dogs under the desk and kids scrummaging in the background.  This scene is now part of the norm when business and community zooms are happening.

But people are also excited about socializing in-person again but with a higher expectation that the gatherings will also include more than just work activities.  What are your thoughts on this?

When you do socialize at work, are you still wearing your hoodies and pants? Or are you switching it back up somewhat to biz casual?


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