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Living Question of the Week – Would You Use a Driverless Car Service?


This week’s Living question is based on mobility – getting from place to place.

Autonomous (self driving cars) will change how we travel and commute, and provide an another option to current modes of transit.

Imagine if there were available in a few years, assuming that the cost for the ride is similar to a current ride share or bus or mass transit fare, when would you use the service –  occasionally or all the time to replace?

  • driving yourself in a care
  • instead of ride sharing
  • instead of taking mass transit
  • not use it at all

Now imagine where you would use the service

  • to get from home to office and back
  • to get to public events, entertainment venues and back
  • to go shopping for groceries, clothing or to go to medical appointments and back
  • other

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