Rise of the H2 Economy – Are You Ready?

FutureCite Connector Series: Episode 2

FutureCite Rise of the H2 Economy – Are You Ready?

In Episode 1 we touched base on hydrogen as a key economic driver for Canada.

In Episode 2, we cover in more detail the economic impact to the current energy industry players in both traditional and renewable resources.
We’ve provided highlights of the recordings from our sessions.  Catch a summary of what Victor, Brodie and Bryan shared!
Victor Baptista, Edmonton Global shares insights on the shift from why hydrogen is a key clean energy driver for Alberta. Questions he answered in the video:
  • How is this different now than let’s say 10 years ago? Why the interest?
  • That’s 400,000 new jobs and $12 Trillion in GDP for Canada? Can you share with us the potential value chain and what that means for not just Alberta but also for the spillover effects into Ontario and Quebec as well?
  • How will this impact the economy and what needs to happen to move the adoption of hydrogen into industry, work and even our homes?

About Victor

A MacEwan University Griffin Alumnus, Victor is passionate about hockey and economics. His role as the hydrogen investment advisor with Edmonton Global, along with his economic background gives him a broad understanding of the global hydrogen economy.

Brodie Chalmers, ATCO shares updates on hydrogen projects in the works.  Questions he answered in the video:
  • Tell us about the $6-million hydrogen blending pilot project for utility customers at Atco’s Heartland Energy Centre near Fort Saskatchewan. What’s required in the infrastructure build to make this happen?
  • Can you share an update on the Atco and Qualico hydrogen project to build houses in the proposed Bremner community in Sherwood Park, SE of Edmonton?
  • How else will hydrogen impact Albertans – in Mobility and Transportation – will the blend be used in transportation? What type of infrastructure needs to be in place?

About Brodie

Brodie manages the hydrogen system planning at ATCO. Currently he is working to further develop and execute strategy on decarbonization with focus on significant build-out of hydrogen infrastructure.

Bryan Wagg, C-Fer Technologies works with industry to de-risk technologies. There’s global pressure to accelerate the hydrogen supply chain from new hydrogen production methods, to hydrogen transportation and end use. Questions he answered in the video:
  • Now that we’ve heard about the types of projects that will soon arise, what considerations need to be in place from a regulatory to safety?
  • What challenges from a technology and / or skills perspective may be needed for
    • Transition from oil to H2 pipeline to
    • Infrastructure (buildings) and
    • Servicing (H2 Stations) for transportation.

About Bryan

Bryan helps industry to identify the best technologies to energy systems from traditional operations to geothermal and now hydrogen, and brings industry and government together to solve critical challenges.


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