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Covenant Health: Opportunities for Career Advancement!

In this new economic and technological era, there are shifting expectations – on healthcare care in communities – in assisted living, long-term and home care.   Following the global pandemic, a new respect developed for all the people who work in healthcare, with a new focus on frontline care – both in urban and rural communities.

A critical challenge facing healthcare providers is building a sustainable workforce, as  many who currently serve in healthcare will be retiring this decade.  This is a timeline challenge to attract, upskill and credential candidates.

In this Healthcare Series,  we bring to you different insights from Covenant Health, NorQuest College and Christenson Communities in highlights from our event recordings.
Stay tuned for additional episodes from this event on Healthcare Courses and Healthcare Communities!
For anyone who is considering working in the healthcare sector in the nursing (certification, LPNs, healthcare aides), view the video highlights from our event recordings below.
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Covenant Health: Episode 1: Meet Shahida Abba

Covenant Health is a key provider to Alberta Health Services in both acute and community care (long-term and palliative).  Shahida (Shae) speaks to why Covenant was her choice, the organization’s vision, mission and values.  Lora Maygard is a manager with Covenant Health.  She follows with an overview of career opportunities, and her experience in transitioning from urban to a rural site with Covenant Health – the Advantages and the Challenges.

Covenant Health: Episode 2: Meet Lora, Kayla and Donna

Lora provides the experience of two nursing staff who work in rural sites at Covenant Health, and the opportunities they had in advancing their careers.  Great insights into why, and the benefits!

Covenant Health: Episode 3: HCA Program and Bursaries

Lora shares how to participate in the CHA program and even get funded by bursaries through partnerships with Covenant Health, NorQuest and rural communities!





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