Building the New Energy Economy!

FutureCite Connector Series: Episode 3: How will this impact your Careers?

In Episode 2, we talked about the “Rise of the H2 Economy”.
In Episode 3, we focus on what’s involved in building up the workforce in key sectors of the economy including manufacturing and construction, and the skill gaps that will challenge existing and new hires!

Employers are facing new skill demands as we just heard from Will and Ewen.  And people who are looking at working in the new energy economy will need more than just basic apprenticeship courses.  The good news that Kathleen shared is that educators like are now creating shorter courses – micro-credentials that can now be accessed online.

How will this affect you?  Want to “Get Ready”?  Learn why, what and how! Take a moment to view the short summaries of the video recordings from our Fireside Chat with the Panelists.

Nolan Calander, Argus, shares insights on manufacturing for energy infrastructure systems – from traditional to new forms of energy including solar, geothermal and hydrogen and additional new skills that will be needed.  Questions asked:

  • How do you see manufacturing innovation and process and skills shifting to the new energy economy infrastructure and systems?
  • What is your vision of the innovation and supply chain shifts and the new skills that may be needed – from engineering to creative roles that include communications & sales, and customer experience?

About Nolan

Brings over 10 years of experience in Business Development & Sales strategic growth initiatives with a focus on diversification of product and service offerings at Argus.


Ewen Campbell, Keller Construction, shares perspectives on the need for sub trades and contractors to move beyond the traditional processes of decades ago – as time has caught up.  Questions asked:

  • What will the new jobs require in new skills or transferable skills from other roles and industry sectors?
  • Share your vision of the skills that will be needed from design, engineering, construction, and safety, to ESG, project management and maintenance,

About Ewen


A deep HR knowledge & interest on skills & training, you can find him racing cars when he’s not wearing his HR hat. Member Forbes Human Resources Council


Kathleen Couterier, Lakeland College, provides insights for people who are looking at enter in the new energy economy by looking at shorter courses – micro-credentials that can now be combined to eventually be part of a certificate or a diploma program that will be recognized by employers.

  • What types of courses are available now in the new energy economy?
  • Can anyone take hydrogen, solar and geothermal courses to upskill to enter the manufacturing or construction sectors?


About Kathleen

Brings education focus on micro-credential courses from renewable energy, upskilling and training, from hydrogen, geothermal and solar, to attain certificate to diploma programs.

Takeaways from the Panelists

  • Nolan, Ewen and Kathleen share their final thoughts with us!


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