What’s your Dream Job? What do you aspire for in 3 to 5 years?

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    Some of these jobs will shift in the next 5 years. Which categories are of most interest to you? Yes even with Artificial Intelligence automating certain tasks in these jobs. Connect with a Mentor in CollabCite to discuss, or Join as a Jobseeker or a Career Navigator to explore opportunities based on your interests, capabilities, experience & skills

    • Executive or Manager
    • Technology Professional (e.g. Data Scientist, Coder, Analyst)
    • Creatives (e.g. Writer, Designer, Artist, Musician, Actor )
    • Care Providers (e.g. Nurse, Doctor, Pharmacist, Nurse Practitioner)
    • Educators (e.g. Teacher, Professor, Researcher)
    • Builders (e.g. Contractor, Trade, Engineer)
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