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Valhalla Investment Summit Saskatchewan

March 18, 2021 @ 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm MDT

Welcome to the Valhalla Investment Summit Saskatchewan’s main event!

About this Event

The eight-week Valhalla Investment Summit Saskatchewan culminates in this final event, where we’ll hear from panel speakers, pitches from the top five companies, and of course the live announcement of at least one investment being made into a local Saskatchewan company.

The after-party will be held on Discord, where you’ll have the chance to chat with the companies, investors, and folks from around the community. Grab a beer and enjoy!


1:00 pm – Welcome

1:15 pm – Panel: A Founder’s Journey – Learn how these 3 Founders are crushing it and disrupting their industries.

  • Catherine Metrycki, Callia
  • Dustin Coupal, 54e Dev Studios
  • Mark Wolff, MyComply

2:00 pm – Fireside chat: On Alternative Exits – IPOs and M&As are not the only path to exit. Learn what other options you can explore to build an exit path for your investors.

  • Joe Gill, McKercher LLP
  • Rod Brown, Valhalla Private Capital

2:45 pm – Reverse pitch: Funders to Founders – Meet 6 of the most active funding organizations in the Prairies. Who they are? What they’re looking for? How they invest? Join us and ask your questions.

  • Bluesky Equities, Broad Street Bulls, Golden Opportunities, OKR Financial, Rhino Ventures, Wiegers Holdings

3:30 pm – Top 5 Final Pitches – Finally!! The last 5 standing.

  • ArticShelf, Board Checkup, memory KPR, Omnee, Skill Shark

5:00 pm – Keynote and Fireside Chat

  • Paul Allen, CEO, Soar/ Founder, Ancestry
  • Alicia Soulier, CEO, Salon Scale

6:00 pm – Investment announcement

Meet our Keynote:

Paul Allen, CEO, Soar & Founder, Ancestry

Paul coaches and mentors founders who desire to have a positive social impact in the world.He has founded 8 companies–including Soar and These companies have employed thousands, served tens of millions of customers, and generated billions of dollars in revenue.Paul started out by wanting to be a college professor. He became an “accidental entrepreneur” in 1990 when he built a product with his best friend. By 1996 they made the exclusive Inc. 500 list and after attending the Inc. conference Paul fell in love with entrepreneurship and decided to learn all he could about the art and science of building businesses.Since then, Paul has read hundreds of books, attended hundreds of conferences, and has done hundreds of keynote speeches, workshops, and training events.He has even had the privilege of teaching entrepreneurship and internet marketing for 4 years at two major universities.Today, he runs Soar and mentors founders who believe they can build organizations that can make the world a better place.


Thanks to our partners and sponsors!

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