ForwardXYZ Employer Pro Subscription

From: $10.00

From: $10.00 / month for 6 months



  • View and comment on all Feature, Focus and Flash stories
  • Access to all Speaker Series recordings
  • Access to Submit Stories
  • Access to Career, Company & Course matches (ForwardXYZ)
  • Access to Mentors, Networking, Events, Workshops, Question of the Week (CollabCite)




  • Add 2 Job posts



  • Add 4 Job posts
  • Host 1 Networking Event/ year



  • Add 20 Job posts
  • Host 2 Networking Events/ year
  • Host 2 Workshop / Events
  • Box Ad Space included
  • Must be a fully registered paid Corporate subscriber
  • Contributors may respond or write articles or start new subject based on categories
  • Contributor content selected for publication in any sections of FutureCite based on trending of day, week – social media and blogs.  Acceptance of content at the full discretion of FutureCite Inc
  • Access to Forward XYZ™ portal to Employer to post job opportunities. Have questions? Reach out to us at contactfuture-cite.test

Email:  Have Questions? Get in touch at for bundling, advertising or for posting job opportunities!

Note: During the BETA, Pro users will be granted a generous number of free Job Postings and may request more at any time.

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