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“I am an Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, and Business Strategist who helps guide startups and small businesses through their challenges from inception to exit. I have started, struggled, thrived, and exited a business, and I want to share my knowledge through honest conversations with those who want to learn. “My Purpose Before Profit” mantra means I am here to listen, connect, offer honest advice, and guide you via our vast network to the resources and funds you need to build a successful business.”

About Jade Alberts

Image Credit: J. Alberts

Peer Guidance – Founder
Jade Alberts Consulting – Founder
Telling It Like It is Facebook Live –  Founder
Founders Coffee YYC – Founder

Jade and his team of Entrepreneurs at Peer Guidance help companies to grow – working with companies that are at the point of scaling or having problems scaling. He really enjoys building trusting relationships with “Handshake Honesty.” He has a genuine passion for both people and businesses. Honesty, Authenticity, Networking, Connecting, and Sharing are the pillars of his belief system.

Connect with Jade on CollabCite and check out his blog on Angel Investing for Entrepreneurs.  Link

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