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Reg Joseph on the Future of Health: Episode 3

Investing in Talent, Data Intelligence and Health Policy


In Episode 2, Reg shared his insights on preventing disease in community rather than the traditional model of treating the condition in an acute care setting. In this Episode 3, we asked Reg about the type of investments that they would require to achieve their goals.

Reg Joseph:

There are a few different types of investments we are looking at such as connecting services, funding, talent and health policy.

In connecting municipal social services and health services, we need to invest time and resources into how these services inform each other. Health City is trying to build a model project around this, where we bring data and information to the table to predict the kinds of outcomes and innovation we need in our communities, as well as inform both municipal and provincial decisions about investments in these areas.

As to the Smart Cities federal government grant, Edmonton has been chosen as one of five finalists in this application for $50M.

Investments in talent, especially in data analytics and health sciences, are key to helping solve complex health problems.

The changes and disruption in the health industry will be huge. It will stress the policy makers provincially and federally. We need to make investments in our up-and-coming policy makers so that they can be prepared to create the type of policy framework we will put in place now to help manage the changes we’re going to be seeing in the next 10-20 years.

About Reg Joseph
Reg was hired as the CEO of Health City in February 2018. While new to the role at Health City, Reg is no stranger to the health ecosystem. He brings to the role a wealth of expertise in both the biomedical sciences as well as business development and his vision of how to deliver on the goals of Health City reflect that experience. Reg has 20 years’ experience spanning the biotechnology and high technology sectors. Reg has served in a variety of C-level and board positions with local medical technology-based start-ups. He currently serves on the Board of BioTalent Canada as Chair. He also sits on BioAlberta’s policy committee and serves as President of the Board for the Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton (SAGE). He has a B.Sc. in Physiology and an MBA in Finance.

About Health City
Health City is an economic development initiative that catalyzes, accelerates and connects the health innovation ecosystem in Edmonton and the surrounding region. It represents a hub of expertise in health and health industry that supports the broader innovation ecosystem in our region. Health City relies on the programs and services in its ecosystem – through projects and initiatives to scale  SMEs to global markets, and services and programs in its ecosystem to strengthen SMEs enabling them to be global contenders.

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