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BladeFlex – Episode 1B: Next Stages from 3D Prototype to Manufacturing

Bootstrapping to Product Positioning from Injury to Prevention


To get to the next stage of his entrepreneurial journey, Derek boot strapped the operations of BladeFlex Inc, and moved from early 3D printed models to prototype testing and full manufacturing – done with his engineers, suppliers, and physiotherapists, and developing the brand with his design and marketing team.. He has evolved  the product to focus on strengthening the muscles that are associated with a correct posture.  Although Derrick originally created his product for resolving upper back injuries, his team plans to position the product as an injury prevention device for use in sports and leisure activities as well.

Image Credit: FutureCite Inc


Derek Nolt:”It’s very rewarding to help the people who are dealing with very similar injuries that I personally experience on my road to injury recovery – from athletes to office workers”.




About Derek Nolt
Derek Nolt was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. He has a passion for building and creating things, which translated into a successful construction career working as a carpenter. After running his own carpentry business for many years, he began developing a posture resistance device to help combat previous injuries and the daily stresses put on his body.

About BladeFlex Inc
Bladeflex Inc is a privately held company founded by Derek Nolt in 2016 and headquartered in Edmonton Alberta. Its first product launch is a resistance posture device that re-trains your muscle memory through targeted upper back movements – strengthening the muscles associated with posture, creating long-term results.


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