“From Deal Opener to Deal Closer”

Episode 2: The Market Opportunity and Future Growth

They had an idea, so how did they capitalize on it?

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Amir discovered through practicing law that the time consuming elements in closing deals could be simplified and be made more cost efficient. In short, he saw a business opportunity that technology could resolve and how technology could work to automate non value-added work. 

What’s next? Amir and Mike share where they are going next with dealcloser™

About dealcloser
dealcloser™ was founded in Edmonton, Canada in 2017 by Amir Reshef and Mike O’Connor. dealcloser™ is a transaction management hub for legal professionals that brings lawyers and their clients together on a deal, transforming and modernizing the deal process. dealcloser™ is designed for corporate and tax lawyers and makes the transaction process more efficient and accurate, automating or eliminating many of the non-value-added administrative tasks required to keep a deal running smoothly. Whether a simple incorporation or a complex M&A transaction, dealcloser makes transactions better.

About Amir Reshef
Amir Reshef (CEO) is a former lawyer who worked at a large, international law firm. Amir practiced corporate law for a number of years before leaving to co-found dealcloser. As a corporate lawyer, Amir saw first-hand the inefficiencies in the closing process and decided that there had to be a better way to do things.

About Mike Conner
Mike O’Connor (CTO) has over twenty years experience in software development. Mike spent fifteen of those twenty years working at tier one telecommunication providers where he provided end to end product lifecycle development and support. While working at these tier one telecommunication providers, Mike gained significant experience managing large, complex systems that served more than a million customers each.

About Teruel Carrasco

Teruel Carrasco (CRO) has over 15 years of experience in software sales. Teruel’s expertise in sales has allowed him to successfully grow startup companies and take those companies into international markets, including the US, South America and the EU. Teruel is also a partner in the boutique equity firm Radar Endeavor Group Inc.


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