FutureCite on Startup Showcase at Collision 2023

Building a Better World for Tomorrow by Bridging Skill Gaps Today

Exciting presenting on stage as an Impact Company at the Collision Conference Startup Showcase!

Really honoured with the opportunity for FutureCite to share how we can all play a role in “Building a World for Tomorrow by Bridging Skill Gaps Today”.

Our solution bridges skill gaps by connecting Candidates to Careers, Courses & Companies – in real-time at the prescreening stage.  And we bring these communities together in hosted meetups to network and open doors.

Like a Google Map we simplify and navigate your career life journey to arrive “skill-ready” for tomorrow’s economy – today.

Thank you for the acknowledgement and support Collision Conference and Canada Venture

Startup Showcase: FutureCite Revolutionizes Workforce Talent Development

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