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Kids Learning to Code: Episode 2: Can Kids can apply coding at an early age to learning programs?

What real life benefits can youth gain from coding - Like Activating Robot Toys?


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So why is it a good idea to learn how to code at an early age?

Coding is a key building block in our modern world of technology. It’s everywhere – in every industry and almost every piece of technology that we use now. From the simple apps that makes our lives easier, to software that companies use to run faster and more efficiently – created with code.  Think of coding as a way to express and transform ideas into useful and creative applications in everyday living.

Coding is a tool where kids can use computers and technology to express and transform their ideas into something real. Learning to code at an early age can help kids to prepare for the next iterations of platforms and programming languages. This Episode addresses key questions and answers that parents and kids may have as to how coding can augment formal school education class learning.

So why start kids at such an early age when technology and programming languages are always changing?

When youth learn to code at an early age, they learn the process of creating, testing, failing, evaluating, problem solving and iterating through this process again in a different way. Through computational thinking they learn how to do activities in steps. Through coding, kids start to develop the basics of computational thinking.

By making coding accessible to kids – even at a pre-school age, we enable human creativity and we empower our future innovators.

About the Featured Parents
Parents, Wai-Mei Morgan and Jennifer Lam discuss why is it important for young kids to learn coding at an early age.  Aiden demonstrates how to activate his robot from his learning in coding. Jennifer is a co-founder of Discover Coding.

You can contact Jennifer Lam in our Connect Forum at FutureCite.com with your questions and inquiries on coding for youth!

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