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Meet Victoria: Intersecting Exponential Tech to Improve Solar Energy

Sustainable Energy for the Developing World

Victoria’s Blog
Hi! I’m Victoria and the ideal world for me would be a place that is technologically advanced while still remaining clean and healthy. I’ve always been passionate about global sustainability and I think that looking into this is one of the most important investments of our century. Recently, I’ve done a deep dive into alternative energy, looking specifically at how we can use energy to impact billions and revolutionize the world.

Solar energy is the future. The sun is a virtually limitless, inexhaustible source of energy that provides clean, accessible, and sustainable energy. So why hasn’t it taken over yet? The problem is, current solar cells have an efficiency maximum limit of 33.7%, with most commercial solar cells having an efficiency of 15-20%.

If we want to improve this, we need to change the materials of the semiconductors in solar cells. Recently, I’ve been looking into using silicon nanowires to get around this issue. These wires, known as SiNWs have a property that works alongside quantum mechanics (called the Quantum Confinement Effect) to get around the 33.7% limit and improve solar cells! I’ve always found global sustainability to be a super important part of our future, and improving energy is a key aspect of this.

I’ve always wanted to change the world and impact billions. Most recently, I joined The Knowledge Society, a human accelerator for teens that aims to turn us into the next unicorn people. As a result of this, I’ve been exposed to exponential technologies and have developed my passion for using the intersections between different fields to solve big problems. I want to work alongside super cool people in the future, and continue my mission on improving our use of the resources on Earth (and eventually, the entire universe)!

How Silicon Nanowires can Solve Solar Inefficiency Problems: https://medium.com/@12vgt2003/using-silicon-nanowires-to-fix-solar-inefficiency-problems-3b5386a6f6f7

About Victoria Dmitruczyk

Image Credit: Victoria Dmitruczyk

Victoria Dmitruczyk is a 16-year-old deeply focused in alternative energy and nanotechnology. She believes that through the use of exponential technologies, Earth will become more sustainable and is greatly excited about this. Her journey in energy began at the age of 14 when she began researching projects such as TuNur, a huge solar energy export project, and reaching out to professionals in the industry. After completing Princeton’s Imagining Other Earth’s course, she began researching ways to make energy more efficient and available internationally. She aims to create a new battery in the near future using silicon nanowires rather than the traditionally used graphene. In order to inform youth about the importance of this, she is in the process of creating Energie, an educational platform focusing specifically around sustainable power. Currently, she is working on using nanotechnology to improve the efficiency of solar panels.

About the Knowledge Society
The Knowledge Society (TKS) is a human accelerator that develops unicorn people to solve the world’s most important problems using exponential technologies. TKS Innovators are 13-17 years old and have spoken at some of the world’s largest conferences, are supported by companies like Microsoft and Google, and are working in areas including Brain-Machine Interfaces, Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and Genetic Engineering.



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