Talent in the New Normal: Meet Cori: Episode 4:

Engaging Talent for Future Recruitment!

In Episode 4, Cori shares insights on how companies and organizations who tend to have an advantage with future talent recruitment are ones who take the strategic step to engage post secondary students, in campus activities or in co-op programs and internships with the students!

Stay tuned for Episode 5 with Cori on the surprising benefits of remote learning!

Corie’s Blog
When looking for work, there are a number of ways students can gather information about companies.  Usually the search involves visiting the website, reviewing a company’s vision and mission statement and a quick look at the job postings. If you have the luxury of time, more thorough research is suggested but if you are a student in a coop/internship program and managing school work (five courses per term or more plus labs makes for a busy life) does not allow enough time to thoroughly research the company and that is where the student grapevine is important.

A large number of students in coop and internship programs openly share their experiences with other students in a variety of ways and those not in a Work Integrated Program (WIL) program also have developed creative ways to connect.  For example, students have created facebook pages for their fellow students, describing their experiences at companies.  On the other side, companies hoping to tap into the student grapevine have hired students as ambassadors for their company to promote and share their experiences and answer any questions from potential hires. Those examples are just two of many novel and interesting ways students can gain the inside track to learn more about a company.

About Cori Foged BA

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Cori is the Director of Career Education and Coaching Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta.
She brings 20 years of experience working in the career development field specifically in higher educational settings with a focus on work integrated learning (WIL) and skilled in strategy, career management, student development, employer engagement, and operations management.
She has ideas – lots of them. Generating ideas is as natural as breathing to her and rarely is she at a loss on what to do next which makes strategy a fun game to play. Cori also likes to implement – whether it is a mentorship program, a wellness initiative or development of leading edge career content, there is always something on her list of things to do, articles to read or actions to take.  She is a political and economic junkie. Last but not least, to Cori, people are the best – to her people make it all worthwhile.

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