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The contemporary business world has robust diversity creating a paradigm shift like the world has never seen before. Men and females alike are breaking through the clutter to climb the corporate ladder at larger numbers than we have ever seen before. This increase in the varying diverse nature of the work place has created a butting of heads of personalities that can make it harder for the average man to be heard above the crowd of others. However, there are ways for your thoughts to be broadcast across the room, and for you to take the work and thoughts of others and shape it into the achievements you will be accredited for yourself.

First and foremost, you should feel empowered so that every moment can- and should- be your moment. Brainstorming sessions can get bogged down when we pretend that every person’s and idea that is brought to the table is created equally. Identify “your guys” in the room, the heavy lifters worth listening to, and worth having listen to you, and focus the mindshare sessions around what this core group has to say for the benefit of the collective. This group norming can further push the envelope past what any average group can unpack.

Secondly, be the gatekeeper of what’s right. Keep an ear out for constructive yet technically-wrong thoughts to spin up so that your impact can stand out as one of the well-informed opinions in the room. Even small slip-ups that don’t weigh on the value of an idea can create a poor foundation for group discussions and should be proactively corrected at the offset in order to avoid later headaches. The clarity and conciseness of an idea should be rigorously corrected to headlight and strengthen every possibility brought to the table. And, actually, the technicalities in the proposal of an idea can be as important as the merit of the idea itself, as even a slight miscommunication can result in someone’s brainchild not making the cut going forward on the runway.

Lastly, everyone else in a room can be subject to building a professional relationship with you -regardless of rank- and cementing your reach out network can be efficiently performed during the times around central key meetings. While users of this cite probably don’t need introductory advice for proper face time and netface networking online, a quick reminder that personal stories are a fantastic way to personalize yourself to the other workers. Even during meetings and conference calls, any facetime is good facetime to establish yourself as a mover and shaker. Group time can be you time when you know when to input personal stories and anecdotes to grow with your employees.

Most importantly, being powerful is being seen as powerful, making your team’s victories your victories is a win-win for all.

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