Kids Learning to Code: Episode 3: What Programs Can Kids Use To Learn How To Code?

Conversations On Parents' Questions On Coding Programs - Not Just For Kids

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Young kids can start learning to program from as young as 4 years old.

Parents often ask what programming languages should kids start to learn. Well, as technology and programming languages are constantly evolving, the first focus should be on understanding the logic and problem-solving concepts, rather than as a way to learn program languages.

Kid can learn concepts such as conditionals and loops, where the code makes decisions or repeats itself to solve a problem. These very skills can be transferred from language to language.  For example, one such program that parents can look at is Scratch Jr. (developed by MIT). With Scratch, the logic options are laid out in front of them. Grouping logic together is like putting Lego blocks of instructions together. It’s really an ideal language to teach first time learners basic coding concepts.

Stay tuned for Episode 4 as we move further into how coding enables kids to develop capabilities to build future skills for the future.

About the Featured Parents
Parents, Cheng Chang and Jennifer Lam discuss the types of programs for young kids to learn coding at an early age.  Hugo, age 6 demonstrates how to use the Scratch Jr. program for his racing game. Jennifer is a co-founder of Discover Coding.

You can contact Jennifer Lam in our Connect Forum at FutureCite.com with your questions and inquiries on coding for youth!

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