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Meet Jonathan: Cubes for Greens: Episode 1

How a Basement Grew Ideas for Something Bigger

Image Credit: AgrioLabs

It all started when Jonathan decided that he didn’t want to be “doing just a job” – after working at all types of jobs that many youth do to earn that first paycheck.  His parents wanted him to “finish school and to get a good job”.  After working in his teens in various jobs and then getting his what he calls his first “real grown up” job in a media company, Jonathan decided that he had time and on his side and so decided to take a risk and leap into entrepreneurship.

After leaving home and moving into his first apartment (and yes it was in the basement), he realized that he needed to pay attention to his eating habits to stay healthy as he was both going to post secondary school (polytechnique) and working at the same time.

It was in that very first basement apartment that his Eureka moment hit him – to find a way to grow food indoors and in small dark places!  He took the leap into doing his first startup to find a way to grow microgreens as his first stage of his adventure Check out his story!

Stay tuned for Episode 2: Getting Ideas into Action!

About Jonathan Mui

Image Credit: AgrioLabs

Jonathan is a graduate of NAIT DMIT (Digital Media & IT) and the Founder & CEO of Agriolabs. From his experience in aquaponics, world class kitchens, and 3D modelling to getting an education in user experience, founding Agriolabs was an obvious next step from working at “just a job”.



About Agriolabs

Agriolabs is a company in the startup/scaleup stage focused on creating innovative solutions for growing food at home. Agriolabs creates a line of modular grow boxes that can be arrange to fit into the customers environment and offer them a hassle free, commitment free, and clean food growing experience. Whether it’s in their living room shelf, or in an extra kitchen cabinet.

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