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Sneak Preview 2.1 on Districts with FutureCite® IanO’Moments™

ICE District: Episode 2: Districts that Shape the Future of Cities

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FutureCite® has launched a series on to cover cool communities and districts in all jurisdictions, and how they shape the way cities evolve and adapt to the digital transformation – where the human creativity of citizens, communities and companies play key roles in shaping future Living and Lifestyles in cities! We launched the first episodes in Edmonton  –  recognized as a resilient City (Eden Strategy Institute), and the top City in Canada for employment of Youth (Youthful Cities Index).

Image Credit: IanO”Donnell
Image Creidt: IanO’Donnell
Image Credit: IanO’Donnell







We look at ICE District and its 5 to 10 year vision – how it can continue to help shape the future of Edmonton’s downtown.  

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In FutureCite® IanO’Moments™ Sneak Preview 2.1 on Districts that Shape the Future of Cities, we continue our conversations with the people behind the scenes, and how ICE District continues to attract a new demographic of youth, families and empty nesters who are looking for walkability and easy access to the arts, entertainment, sports and food venues.

In Episode 2 Bob Black, EVP of the Katz Group (ICE District), and Ian O’Donnell walk us through what it takes to infuse new vibrancy in the livability and lifestyle buzz of the City’s urban downtown for a new growing demographic.

Image Credit: Ian O’Donnell
Image Credit: Ian O’Donnell
Image Credit: FutureCite inc








We also catch a quick commentaries from Jeremy Hayward, CEO of Salut on digital workforce talent, and Ritchie Lam, Co-CEO Westrich Pacific Group on residential for youth, boomers and yes families.





About  ICE District
ICE District,  also referred to as the Edmonton Arena District, is a $2.5 billion mixed-use sports and entertainment district being developed on 10 hectares of land in Downtown Edmonton, Alberta.

ICE District Joint Venture announced that Loblaws CityMarket™ will be the anchor tenant in Block BG of the District – formerly the old Greyhound terminal site in Edmonton.

Image Credit: Ice District JV
Image Credit: Ice District JV


The store is slated to open in 2020, providing an urban concept grocery store for all food lovers alike.



Loblaws CityMarket™ will provide shoppers quality, fresh food and grocery items, including chef inspired grab ‘n’ go meals for lunch and dinner, and a wide selection of products to suit a variety of dietary needs.

Image Credit: FutureCite Inc


Rogers Place Arena and ICE District development catalyzed a movement to revitalize the City’s downtown, and spurred over $5 billion in current development – providing walkable pedestrian friendly access for residents and businesses to the arts, entertainment, sports and dining venues.

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The planning and development of Ice District involved the collaboration of several key private sector companies, the City of Edmonton, and communities in the district.




When completed, ICE District will be Canada’s largest mixed-use and entertainment district.

Image Credit: ICE District JV
Image Credit: ICE District JV






About Bob Black
Bob Black is Executive Vice-President of Edmonton Arena Corp, Chief Project Development Officer for the Oilers Entertainment Group, and directly represents Darryl Katz, one of Canada’s most influential businesspersons, investors, and philanthropists.  Bob was a senior partner with Alberta law firm of Brownlee LLP. In October 2009, Bob assumed the position of Executive Vice-President of Rexall Sports & Entertainment for the Katz Group, the parent company of Rexall Sports and Entertainment and the Edmonton Oilers.  He has since assumed the roles of Executive Vice President of Edmonton Arena Corp and Chief Development Officer for the Oilers Entertainment Group.  Bob was also lead in the rezoning and master planning of ICE District and leads a number of ongoing special projects relative to ICE District.

About Ian O’Donnell
Ian O’Donnell is the Executive Director of the Downtown Business Association for Edmonton Alberta, and brings with him his passion for building livable urban communities, and his experience as a project manager for architecture firm Manasc Isaac, and as a volunteer with the Downtown Edmonton Community League and other boards. Ian’s passion arises from being a downtown resident, a community builder and the fearless leader of the Downtown Business Association.  He wears many hats, and for his series, you will hear, see and feel the sounds, sights and visions of citizens, communities and companies going through the impact of the digital transformation – in how they will live at work and home, and how they will spend their leisure time.

About the Eden Strategy Institute
This fifth edition of the index analyzes the level of development of 165 cities from 80 countries, across nine dimensions considered key to being a smart, sustainable city: human capital (developing, attracting and nurturing talent), social cohesion (consensus among the different social groups in a city), economy, environment, governance, urban planning, international outreach, technology, and mobility and transportation (ease of movement and access to public services). The index is prepared by IESE Business School’s Center for Globalization and Strategy under the direction of professors Pascual Berrone and Joan Enric Ricart.

About the Youthful Cities Canadian Index
Youthful Cities Canadian Urban Work Index —a report funded by RBC Future Launch. Youthful Cities said it used a “youth-driven” definition for work that included education, entrepreneurship, affordability and employment. Edmonton’s greatest strength was its consistency in all four themes, according to the report.



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