Entrepreneurial Fit for the Trades: Episode 2:

Empowered Goal to Create an Innovative Product!

After Jess discovered that the stealth fabric she searched for did not exist, she went searching for people who could create it!

In Episode 2, we learn how Jess’s determination – that someone somewhere would understand the need and share the same ideas in how to create a fabric with new features to improve existing protective apparel.

Milestone 1: Learning New Skills – Jess was accepted into an entrepreneurship program!  From her learnings of what was needed to create something that did not exist, Jess did her own search for talent, and found the researchers she wanted through online searches.

Image Credit: Jess Black

Milestone 2: Building the Team – Jess pitched the research candidates her story and goal  – to empower women and people with new product choices in comfortable workwear apparel.  The researchers, who happen to be female, all wanted on board as part of the innovation team – first steps to Milestone 2 achieved!

Stay Tuned for Episode 3!

About Jessica Buchinski
Jess is a graduate from the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, with a Bachelor of Commerce, and is the owner of Jess Black Inc.
She is a HEO (Heavy Equipment Operator and FF (FireFighter) by trade.
Recognized as a She-Innovator in 2019 by SHEInnovates Alberta, Jess plans to continually support safety for the trades industry through her journey to inspire other women to become entrepreneurs and tradespeople.

About Jess Black
Jess Black Inc. provides the ultimate protection on the jobsite.
Located in Edmonton, AB, this start up focuses on the commercialization of a new material that will revolutionize the fit of protective apparel. Introducing the first fire resistant activewear fabric that is jobsite safe – including features like comfort, breathability and fit.  Jess Black plans to lead the way in protective clothing by solving the most dreaded problems facing  tradespeople, first responders, and military. Working from first hand experience of people in the trades, Jess Black plans to solve and create the problems existing in current workwear.

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