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Meet Angela: AI & Access to EyeCare: Episode 5

Tech & Biz Model on Remote Eye Diagnostics!

So you’ve now got your innovation to a beta stage – next is how to different yourself from other competitors, and how you position different business models for different healthcare jurisdictions.

Image Credit: Remote Optical

Angela shares how their technology works to benefit the patient access and their pricing approach for clinicians / ophthalmologists – as a result of advice from experts on business models for both Canada and the US markets. Check out the story! Stay tuned for Episode 6 – Yes Diagnostics for People & Pets ! 

About Angela Wong

Image Credit: A. Wong

Angela is a Co-founder and CTO of Remote Optical. She completed her B.Eng in bioengineering from McGill in 2020 and received a graduate certificate in experimental surgery in 2021.  Her main responsibility as CTO involves managing the development of the medical eye imaging device. This includes being the point of contact with technical/engineering companies that Remote Optical may collaborate with, as well as overseeing the development of the compression algorithm and software used by ophthalmologist.

About Remote Optical
Remote Optical is a Montreal-based Medtech start-up that specializes in Ophthalmological Devices – improving the way that ophthalmologists remotely and dynamically examine, diagnose, and monitor patients with anterior eye conditions.  Remote Optical’s technology brings clinical quality examinations to the ophthalmologist, increasing access for patients in remote and urban communities.  Their 3D imaging technology allows the ophthalmologist to scan the anterior segment of the patient’s eye and conduct an exam similar to the in-person slit-lamp examination. This solution improves access to eye care, by saving money and time. The skilled and passionate team at Remote Optical truly believes they have what it takes to reduce the barriers faced in eye healthcare globally every day, and to let everyone access the care they deserve.

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