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Meet Connor and Daphny: Episode 4: What’s Next for their Financiio StartUp?

From Pilot Testing to Full Launch - Business Model!

In Episode 4, Connor and Daphny share what’s next for them and their startup venture Financiio – an educational technology software created for student engagement in the classrooms! Continuing from their Episodes 1, 2, and 3 in our Feature Section, these co-founders of Financiio share their next steps.  Daphny shares the reactions from students who have taken their pilot class on financial literacy, and Connor shares the next steps they will be taking in launching their pilot in schools and their business model! 

About Financiio

Connor Hastey-Palindat and Daphny Budaz founded Financiio in November 2019. Financiio is a learning management platform for teachers to empower students to become financially literate. Financiio’s focus is to break the financial illiteracy cycle, make learning personal finance fun, and help reduce the financial burden of future Canadians – working with high schools across Canada to help implement better financial literacy, career and university prep training, and mental health resources with their software. Financiio offers bite-sized learning videos, gamified activities, and learning assessment metrics for teachers. In-person lesson plans are included as well to supplement the online content.

About Connor Hastey-Palindat

Image Credit: C Hastey-Palindat

Connor Hastey-Palindat is a recent graduate with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the Alberta School of Business. During university, he focused on social innovation, technological disruption, and entrepreneurship, as well as providing leadership and advocacy efforts to student organizations with 40+ members.  Over the last year, he worked at Startup Edmonton to build their presence in the city and their campus engagement program, Students at Startup. Connor has been heavily involved in the innovation ecosystem in Edmonton and founded an EdTech startup to address the gap in the financial literacy space in Canada. Connor has also coached several teams competing in business competitions to win national titles and served as the Chair of the Enactus UAlberta Advisory Board. He currently mentors youth entrepreneurs through the League of Innovators.  He is currently building a digital platform to empower teachers to give financial skills to the next generation of Canadian youth and working with the University of Alberta Business Alumni Association to build networks across the globe of business alumni.

About Daphny Budaz

Image Credit: D. Budaz

Daphny Budaz is currently a Bachelor of Commerce student at the University of Alberta. She studies operations management and sustainability while dabbling in entrepreneurship in her free time. She has worked and volunteered for numerous non-profits in various roles – including HR, marketing, and communications. During this time, Daphny continued to advocate for innovative solutions to address the social issues in her community. Over the last year, Daphny and her colleagues founded an EdTech startup, Financiio, a digital platform to empower high school teachers to help students become financially literate. She has been involved with communities, such as the League of Innovators, DMZ Basecamp and Startup Edmonton, to learn the unfiltered and gritty life lesson from experts and fellow entrepreneurs.
Although it’s a bumpy road, she continues to pursue her business while finishing her last year of university. However, she occasionally takes breaks from addressing the gap in financial education by conversing about her roots on her podcast.

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