Opportunity Series: Leanne: Her Journey: Episode 2 of 4

Continuous Learning for Young Professionals

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Your early in your career development – so what to do next? Occupations for young professionals bring with them great technical and theoretical knowledge.  But is that enough?

Leanne Stinn of Fast + Epp shares her insights on continuing education and what this looks like practically applied in a professional setting.  Two types of learning include formal and informal.

Collaborative teamwork with co-workers and those in the industry are key, and with digital technology learning opportunities are more flexible than ever.


About Leanne Stinn, EIT Design Engineer

Image Credit: FutureCite Inc

Leanne attended the University of Alberta where she graduated from the Civil Engineering Cooperative Program with a specialization in Structural and Construction Management in 2015. She gained valuable work skills and experience in design, digital drawing documentation, and construction administration prior to joining Fast+Epp. She has deep experience contributing to multi-disciplinary projects that include educational, residential, industrial, and commercial facilities. Leanne is on the Fast+Epp team involved with the multi-disciplinary Stanley Milner Library Façade Renovation.


About Fast+Epp
Fast + Epp is a 65-person strong structural engineering firm that was established in Vancouver, BC in 1985, and since then has expanded across North America to New York, Seattle, Edmonton, and Calgary while maintaining a strong presence in Europe with a German office, established in 2010. The firm is particularly known for their innovative design and structural engineering with timber.


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